Build safe online communities for schools and parents

Spend more time teaching by letting BooRoo streamline student, teacher and parent interactions at your school

  • tSchool reporting and grades
  • lAttendance monitoring
  • PEvents calendar
  • nHomework details
  • 9Discussion boards
  • pFile and photo sharing
  • .Contact management
  • -Social groups

Parents: keep up to date with your child's progress

Get real-time exhamination and grade reports, absenteeism updates and direct teacher contact

  • WAttendance monitoring
  • "Absentee alerts
  • =Create polls and surveys
  • 9Chat with other parents
  • EHomework Breakdown
  • jInstant progress reports
  • hDirect teacher contact
  • tClass comparisons

Teachers: make your job easier with auto-reporting

Let the BooRoo system mark and grade your tests and manage communication with parents

  • jPolls, survey and quiz creation
  • 9Teacher to teacher communication
  • wManage your personal inbox
  • PPublish class schedules
  • <Self-creating reporting
  • @Manage your class page
  • WHomework that marks itself
  • :Send messages direct to parents

Students: get the best education that you can

Make the most of your time at school by being able to manage your

  • @Your own page design
  • WGet instant exam grades
  • :Send messages to teachers
  • EKnow what your homework is
  • -Add friends lists
  • yLots of social groups
  • pSend photos to other students
  • aGet help with your homework

District: monitor your entire area from one place

No more running around from school to school rounding up reports when you can do it all from any computer

  • @School comparison
  • WAverage grade reporting
  • :Comprehensive admin system
  • PDistrict wide event creation
  • &Manage the district's design
  • nSide by side performance charts
  • 9Communicate with multiple schools
  • MSee what homework is being set
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